Dickinson Midgets off to a solid start

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Dickinson Boys Basketball is, as expected, off to a solid start. The Midgets are 3-1, and their setback was a 6-point loss to Minot, the State’s top-ranked Class A team. But DHS is loaded with experience.

They have 10 seniors on the roster - two of them will play D-I basketball next year.

"We just have a different kind of chemistry. When you've been with people your whole life, you all click, and you all just all play better, play well together. And having these 10 together, it's more fun, more chemistry, and it just works out really well," says Tanner Ouellette, Dickinson senior guard.

And there’s no shortage of fun with this team.

"Our team is probably one of the goofiest and weirdest teams in the entire state. So if you see us - actually I can't share any secrets - but we play Watford City, and we have a surprise. Hopefully, hopefully we don't get booed,” says senior guard, Aanen Moody.

Now we promised we would not tell what the surprise is. So, you’ll have to go to the game in Dickinson Tuesday to find out what Aanen was talking about.