Demons football in semi-finals

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BISMARCK, N.D. - No team has beaten West Fargo in football so far this season, including Bismarck High. The Demons get that chance on Friday night in the AAA semi-finals.

BHS advanced to the final four with a convincing 42-15 win over Fargo South. Head Coach Mark Gibson said they made some excellent adjustments at halftime and they got a solid effort from Izzy Olsen after Jalen Sprecher was injured. "I thought our offensive line played really, really wel land I thought Izzy coming in and running for Sprech was huge for us because we go as Sprech goes and obviously when he couldn't go there was a little bit of panic on the sideline and I thought we didn't miss a beat with him coming in and I though our offensive line played extremely well."

When it came to filling in that running back role, Olsen was the first person Gibson turned to.

"We were kind of looking at him up and down the sidelines, and he plays corner for us, and, you know we try and do as much as possible, and, we just looked at him and said, we need you, and he said, I'm ready. You know, we used him a little bit early in the season with Williston, and you know he has tremendous speed, and he's got some things he's got to learn, but overall, we're awfully pleased with the effort we got from him," said Gibson.

When a play breaks down, quarterback Will Madler has the ability to extend it and make something happen while scrambling. Gibson knows that can be a double-edged sword.

"He's a kid that can make things happen but he has to understand there's a time when to do that and there's a time when not to do it and there's some sleepness nights when he starts getting outside and doing his thing but I think the one thing he just every year or every game he seems to grow up a little bit more and we're going to need him Friday obviously," said Gibson.

The Demons play the top ranked Packers on Friday, and we’ll explore that match-up later in the week.