Demons Boys Basketball

BISAMRCK, N.D. - Three Weeks ago today, we found out about the decision to suspend the Super-A basketball tournament following the President's national emergency declaration.

It was just a couple hours before the Bismarck boys were set to play Fargo Davies in the state semi-finals.

Before they tipped off in Fargo, the Demons felt a cloud of a possible suspension hanging over the SHAC but once they played their first game, they never thought the Super-A would end so suddenly.

"We just got done with our pregame meal at Perkins. We went back to our hotel because the games were originally scheduled for three hours apart so we had time," said Bismarck High School senior Nick Hinsz. "We just watching the girls semi final in our hotel room and then they went to commercial break before that they said and then they said the games after that were going to be canceled and we all kind of sat there in silence for about five minutes and then our coach called us into a meeting in his hotel room and so yeah it was pretty emotional."

After seeing how rapidly the coronavirus was spreading across the nation & the state, the players understand why the decision was made.

Bismarck High senior Kade Rohlfs said: "I didn't think it was going to be this bad in North Dakota but within this span we haven't had any school and that curve keeps going up and up. I mean it's been obvious why they canceled and I can understand why they made that decision."

The Demons are still holding out hope that they might still get a shot at winning a state title.