Coaching change at BSC

BISMARCK, N.D. After the most successful season in program history, Bismarck State is in need of a head volleyball coach.

Jeni Walsh announcers her resignation today. The Mystics qualified for the national tournament for the first time in program history and BSC made it all of the way to the semi-finals.

Jeni's team was the number 12 seed and the entire roster is players from North Dakota.

Walsh says the decision was not easy to make and the hours it takes to coach was beginning to clash with her full-time career.

"You know what its really bittersweet its been a great run up at BSC and I'm not opposed to coaching again but you know for now being a head coach got to be a lot and so we are going to give it a rest I'm not the only person that's ever worked two jobs but I'm lucky that my second job is also a passion of mine but that the two are intersecting and so its time to take a step back," said Walsh.

Walsh is an environmental scientist for the State of North Dakota.

Walsh has been coaching volleyball for more than 30 years.