Coach Bono on Kyle Burwick

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As long as I’ve been here, for the past three years, there’s been a few kids that have taken their sports talent to Madison, WI. Most recently, that was Britta Curl for hockey, and in the fall, Hettinger’s Kyle Burwick will join the Badgers wrestling program.

Well, in a press conference the other day with the head wrestling coach for the Wisconsin Badgers, Chris Bono, he talked about recruiting Burwick, and how he’s the perfect kid for his program.

"And then we've got out guy, a kid we've been recruiting for a long time when I was at South Dakota State, from North Dakota. He's a stud, five-time state champion that is the kind of kid that is our kind of guy. That's the kind of kid we're looking for when you ask that question. Someone that's great academically, great socially, and he's that kid that will run through that wall for you, without asking, why do I have to do it, or is there a way around it."

Kyle plans on attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall.