Century Patriots pair invited to The Howard Wood Dakota Relays

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It's one of the top track & field meets during the regular season in the Midwest. The Howard Wood Dakota Relays are in Sioux Falls this week. Each year, they pick an event and highlight it by inviting the top athletes from the region.

The girls special is the 800-meters and a pair of Century Patriots will be in it, Emily Goldade and Erin Palmer.

Their head coach Brennan Doan can’t wait to watch the girls compete against great competition.

"When they actually got the news they were both pretty excited about it. It’s pretty special you know all the best teams from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, even Iowa are coming to the meet and you know it’s pretty special to get on athlete in the special 800 not to mention two so it’s pretty excited," said Brennan Doan, Century Girls Head coach.

Erin and Emily know it's a unique opportunity to be picked to run in the Howard Wood special event and they are thankful to have a teammate in the same race.

"It’s definitely a lot less stressful. I'm excited to see how we do but I'm just looking forward to good competition and also having fun and having a good team experience. I'm keeping the same preparation, same mindset really looking to positive outsources and always feeling my body stretching and doing all those good things," said Erin Palmer.

"It was shocking but also really exciting because you know it’s a great opportunity like I said and I don't know I guess I just have a mix of emotions like excited and nervous but I'm ready to get on to the track. It’s really an honor to be honest to be invited to be able to compete against all these girls that have really fast times and it will be a good opportunity to get ready for state," said Emily Goldade.

Howard Wood is on Friday and Saturday.