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Bismarck's Carson Wentz is doing his part to help those who need it during the COVID-19 situation.

Carson's AO1 Foundation has donated a hundred thousand dollars through a program they're calling "Love from the Crumb."

Carson Wentz said: We are going to provide grocery kits, we're going to provide meals, we have lots of bulk food on order right now and we'll have teams of 2 and 3 people that have been quarantined and stayed safe to go in and pack those and give those to people that are in need whether it's strictly need the food or people out on the front lines working. Right now, we made that initial allocation of $100,000. We believe that people are going to be on board with us and we'll see where God wants to take that and how many lives we can tough with that."

Wentz says he's working out on his own and waiting for one of the biggest moments in his life. Carson and his wife, Madison, are expecting their baby girl in just a few weeks.

Wentz said: "It's definitely an interesting time. Obviously everyone knows the pandemic we're living in. I know for me and my wife it's already an interesting time because we're coming down to the wire with my wife's due date and a lot of planning and organizing and making sure we're on top of things for when this little girl arrives."

Carson is not giving any hints but he says they have a name for their daughter down to two.

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