Carson Wentz to start Sunday for Philadelphia Eagles

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Carson Wentz will be back on the field this weekend. The Century High school graduate has finished his rehab following knee surgery that ended last season against the Rams.

Wentz had major knee surgery and he had to watch the Eagles run to the Super Bowl championship.

The former NDSU standout wanted to be ready for the season opener but today, the Philadelphia Head Coach let everyone know Carson's first week is this week.

"He's cleared, he goes! I've said all along that he is our guy. We drafted him to be our guy and it's kind of like week one a lot of your starters, guys like Jason Peters, Sproles haven't been used to a lot of contact whatever, a little bit in camp but yes we're cleared to go and we'll go," said Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson.

Wentz will go against the Colts in Philly on Sunday afternoon.

Pederson says Carson has continued to improve as an N.F.L. quarterback.

"Last year I thought he took a really big step forward in the situational aspects of the game, knowing the down and distance, knowing where he is on the field. He took a big, big step forward last year obviously with every year," said Pederson. We can continue to get better in those situations from a quarterback standpoint bit I think just watching him move around physically in some of the things he's done just, he's ready and he's ready to take the reigns again and move forward."

The Eagles are 1-1 following yesterday's loss to Tampa Bay.

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