Carson Wentz talks about training camp, hopes to play for season opener

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BISMARCK, N.D. It's been a busy off-season for Bismarck's Carson Wentz but he's back in Philly and he's back in uniform as the Super Bowl champions start the process of trying to win the Lombardi Trophy again.

Wentz's biggest battle related to his job is rehab following knee surgery that ended his season in week-13 last year.

His biggest off-the-field item was getting married earlier this month.

Carson was asked about his summer by reporters in Philadelphia today.

Carson Wentz, "It was a great balance this summer just getting back to North Dakota doing some things with the foundation but just finding ways to keep getting workouts in even on the honeymoon just finding ways to get a little rehab in and things like that but it was an amazing summer I will say that."

When asked, "What rehab were you able to do on your honeymoon?"

Wentz said, "I got some workouts in (laughter in the room). In the fitness center! (more laughter)."

Wentz went through 11-on-11 drills, but he is obviously not ready for an full-speed drills or full-contact stuff yet.

Wentz, "Obviously it was the first time out there with guys kind of all around me but we did some things in rehab just to get used to that and mentally I feel like I've been getting through it really well."

Carson says his goal is to be cleared to play for the season opener which is about six weeks away.