Carson Wentz out as QB for rest of season

Sunday was an interesting one in the NFL. While the Philadelphia Eagles were able to beat the Los Angeles Rams and win the NFC East title, they lost their starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

Carson Wentz took a few hits while attempting to score another Eagles touchdown. He stayed on the field for the remainder of the drive before being taken out of the game with a torn ACL in his left knee.

This is something nobody wants to see, especially to have it happen to the starting quarterback and MVP candidate like Carson. But, as Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson describes it, this team has overcome a number of injuries, and they will overcome this one as well.

"This is no different. You know, yeah, he is the quarterback of our football team, and each one of these guys that I mentioned is tough to replace. Tough to replace. But you know what, the reason we went out and got Nick Foles is for reasons like this," said Pederson.

For the majority of us in North Dakota, we saw the worst happen to one of the best, and instantly thought, well, this isn’t good. While it’s sad news to hear that Wentz will be out for the remainder of the season, when it comes to Super Bowl talk, there’s no reason to jump ahead of ourselves.

"People thought our chances were gone by the way-side when Jason Peters went down, too,” said Pederson. “And, when Darren Sproles goes down, you know. And all the guys I mentioned earlier, and to the fans out there, they can't, you can't lose faith. I mean, this is, this has been a resilient football team all season long. And, you know if there's ever an opportunity for me as a head football coach to rally the troops, you know now might be the time."

The Eagles will be back on the field this Sunday in new York to take on the Giants at noon, with Nick Foles as their starting quarterback.

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