Carson Wentz hopes to play in Eagles season opener

When Carson Wentz was back in Bismarck this summer, he maintained his goal was to be ready to play in the Eagles season opener.

Philadelphia is wrapping up training camp and their top quarterback is not changing his goal but it may be a more difficult reality than Wentz wants.

Wentz has not been able to take many reps in full team drills and he has not been cleared for full contact.

The former Century and NDSU standout is still hopeful for Sept. 6.

"That's what I've felt really all off-season like we've talked about a ton that's been my goal I think there's been really no secret that it's going to be close," said Wentz. "Seeing where I'm at in camp and finally hopefully next week doing 11 on 11, I think naturally it's going to be close. And, ultimately it won't just be my call or coaches call. It'll come down to what Doctor's say really."

Camp has been very different for Wentz because he has been limited to very few full speed drills.

"Personally, obviously I haven't gotten as much practice as I would have liked to have in camp and everything, but I feel good. I feel good physically. I feel like my knee is feeling good. The arm is feeling good and I'm feeling ready to go a little bit," said Wentz.

Carson was having an M.V.P. season until his major knee injury against the Rams last year.

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