Carson Wentz back in Bismarck to speak with young athletes

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Carson Wentz does not have a lot of free time, but he is spending some of it back in North Dakota speaking to athletes.

Monday, the former Century High School standout is back in Bismarck.

Wentz spent some time at Sanford Power talking with some young athletes who were in a similar spot to him not that long ago.

"Doing events like this, it's just cool and it always kind of humbles me a little bit and makes me pinch myself knowing that I was just that kid, you know," said Wentz. "I do some of these out in Philly and it's more normal, but when I come back home and I know that I'm not just saying, I was that kid, I literally was that kid who grew up right down the street like some of these kids. It definitely adds a level of humility and kind of just makes you pinch myself sometime."

By now I'm guessing most everyone knows Carson's season ended with a knee injury against the Rams late in the year.

Wentz says the update on the rehab has not changed much.

"The knee's great. It's coming right along. I just have to be patient and; listen to what the doctor's are saying, but the target goal is still week one and so for so good and we'll just keep playing it out and seeing how it goes. Trust me, I'm chomping at the bit to get out there, but again, you have to always listen to the doctor's, but so far rehab has been good," said Wentz. "I'm going pretty much, mostly everything. I think the last hurdle is going to be obviously the contact and making sure the doctor's feel comfortable with that, but we've been progressing right along and no setbacks so far."

The kids at Sanford Power had an opportunity to ask questions of the NFL quarterback Monday and three lucky ones received a signed jersey from Wentz.