Carson Wentz at Super Bowl Media Day

Photo Courtesy: Beth Hoole, Valley News Live

Minneapolis,M.N. The week-long Super Bowl festivities in the Twins Cities are underway.

Both the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles met the media for the first time Monday, including Bismarck's Carson Wentz.

The Wentz is not able to play because he had knee surgery after getting injured in the Rams game late in the regular season.

"It's kinda weird, you know, it's kinda weird for me, you know. I know last year I went to the Super Bowl and did appearances and everything. And, I said, 'I ain't coming back until I'm playing in it.' And here I am, and I am actually not playing in it. So, its kind of different emotions tonight, but I'm really excited for all these guys to experience this and get a taste of it." said Wentz.

Our own Kaleigh Emery and Ben Barr will be heading to Minneapolis later this week to cover the Super Bowl. If you're headed to Minneapolis for the super bowl, we'd love to connect with you at the game. Send an email to or send us a Facebook message.

Thank you to Valley News Live's Beth Hoole for the sharing the interview.