Carson Wentz announces new building, visits local children in hospital

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Sanford Health had a major announcement today and they brought in Bismarck's favorite NFL quarterback Carson Wentz to make it.

Sanford's POWER program will be moving to a new facility on the North side of town. The new, 21,000 square foot building will expand the existing operation, but will also bring physical therapy and return to performance training under the same roof. Wentz says this new program shows the community back its athletes.

“I think it's cool just to see the passion this community, that Sanford, that Mike has for athletes in this area and just the development of the youth around here. I just know they are in good hands,” said Wentz.

The new building is expected to open in October of 2017.

After Wentz was done with the press conference, he went to Sanford Children's hospital to visit with some of his younger fans. The Eagles quarterback sat and talked with patients and their families and gave them signed footballs. Scott Oothoudt was in the hospital for his 4-year-old son Cully. He said he and his family appreciated the visit.

“It means a lot. I mean obviously with Carson Wentz, he's a busy guy. This is a big deal for him to stop in and say hi to these kids and brighten their day.” Said Oothoudt.

Cully is undergoing treatment for Medulloblastoma--which is a form of childhood brain cancer.