Captain Carson

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 6:17 PM CDT
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Carson Wentz is entering his fourth season with the Philadelphia Eagles. As Wentz progresses through his career, he realizes his role as a leader becomes more important.

But the Eagles do have other captains on the team which lightens the load for Wentz.

"You know, it's honestly just level of comfortability with everything from the playbook from the guys. I mean every year you're a year older and you're no longer really the young guy anymore, you know, you're borderline pushing veteran and all those things. And so it's just like I said in the past, it's organically the leadership is built. But I mean we have a handful of guys that have been here from my day one that have been here a long time, so you start to build that culture, build those relationships, and it just makes everything a lot smoother and a lot more effective when we have a bunch of guys that are trying to lead in the same direction," said Wentz. Eagles quarterback.

The Eagles have a strong wide receiving core. Add tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert into the mix and the birds should cause plenty of issues for opposing defenses.

"It's tremendous, it makes it a pain in the butt to prepare for us, so you know it's going to be fun this year. Coach designing game plans to get everyone on the field, to get everyone touches, to spread the ball around, and, you know, for me, it makes my job way easier to know that we can go 11 personnel, 12 personnel, we can go 13, we can put a couple running backs out there. I mean we got talent everywhere and guys that I've worked with in the past that I trust a lot, so my job is going to be to spread the love and get the ball out and let those guys make the plays," said Wentz.

The Eagles first preseason game is Thursday, August 8 against the Tennessee Titans.

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