Cameron Indoor Tennis Center offering Winter Junior Academy

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MINOT, N.D. - Winter Junior Academy season has begun in Minot with Sonic Serve Week at Cameroon Indoor Tennis Center.

"Having a good serve is really important because if you can't hit your serve in, you'll lose a lot of points," said eighth grader Hunter Rice. "If you can have your serve be a weapon, then you'll win a lot of extra points too."

"It's the most important shot in tennis," said Minot tennis pro Marc White. "What I'm trying to do is improve the kid's throwing motion. Serving a tennis ball is just like throwing a baseball, throwing a football. If I can get the kid's throwing motion down, then we can start to do some real constructive things with their serve."

The end-of-winter instruction season features different skill sessions across eight weeks. It's a way for young players to avoid becoming one-dimensional.

"If you're not well-rounded, then people will be able to attack your weaknesses and your weapons won't really matter," said Rice. "Marc does a lot of footwork drills, and that really helps position yourself to hit the ball better... That's a really important part of tennis. He really focuses on good technique, and that helps you hit well without having any injuries."

White says the academy is a good springboard for youth players to develop their game and lifestyle.

"One of the real beauties of what we're trying to do here at Cameron Indoor with our Tennis Academy is to inspire the kids," White added. "Make them feel like they can make an improvement in [themselves]. Not only in their tennis, but their health."

"You'll come back during the school season and you won't play very good because you haven't played in a long time [if you don't play in the winter]," Rice said. "It's important to be in shape when you first go into the season, because if you aren't, you'll get a lot of injuries."

Future Minot greats may be making their biggest steps on the court, inside at the Academy. If you'd like more information about the Academy, give the Cameron Indoor Tennis Center a call at (701) 839-1900.