CHS Patriots prepare for state

BISMARCK, N.D. - Region tournaments for class A are complete, which means now is when things get serious. The Century Patriots have had a pretty good year, which has prepared them for the state tournament.

With class A beginning Thursday, the Patriots first opponent is Fargo Shanley, a team they’re not so familiar with, as Head Coach Darin Mattern said: "You know I don't think Shanley knows a whole lot about us, and we don't know a whole lot about them. So, I think that's always exciting as a basketball team. So, I think the biggest thing is we want to go in an execute, and basically it comes down to you got to be able to make some shots and we're looking exciting to playing a new opponent, should be an exciting day."

And preparing for that first quarterfinal game against the Deacons, begins now.

"Well we got some big guys inside, but our guards definitely have to step up and take away some of their big guys, because they all start about 6'3" I think,” said senior forward, Lucas Mayer.

Senior guard Jayden Hauff said, "We just got to watch some film and figure out how they play their ball and then we're going to work on that throughout the week, and we'll be ready for them on Thursday."

State quarterfinals begins on Thursday, and here is the schedule for the boys:

2:00 - #1E Fargo Davies vs. #4W Bismarck High
4:00 - #2W Minot vs. #3E West Fargo
6:00 - #1W Century vs. #4E Shanley
8:00 - #2E Sheyenne vs. #3W Dickinson

The girls will also begin state quarterfinals in the exhibit hall:
1:00 - #1E Shanley vs. #4W Bismarck High
3:00 - #2W Century vs. #3E Wahpeton
5:00 - #1W Mandan vs. #4E Devils Lake
7:00 - #2E Fargo Davies vs. #3W Legacy

All State A games will take place at the Bismarck Event Center starting Thursday through Saturday.