Bucks sit down with Rod Miller

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 7:19 PM CDT
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The Bismarck Bucks have joined the rest of the sports world in having their season suspended and their future return in a holding pattern.

Ryan Farrell sat down with Head Coach Rod Miller.

"Rod what did the IFL say to you when all of this started to happen?" asked Farrell.

Rod Miller said: " You know we were basically just notified that we have to keep track of things that are going on naturally nation wide world wide with the situation the coronavirus. So, we are put on alert to kind of be on look out at things that maybe happening and then we finally got notification that things are going to be suspended. This past weekend there is going to be a meeting this Monday to dictate what would transpire for some plans for the rest of the season moving forward and in the meantime right now so you know those things transpired and basically we are just like any other sport we are put on hold for now to see how things kind of roll out and transpire and make a determination o whats best for the team for the players moving forward."

"I think we will be playing. I think there are a lot of owners and players that do want to play naturally you have to be cautious of things that are going on we understand that and that is the unfortunate part of it but I do believer there will be a time for us to play right now we just cant say when but I firmly believe there will be a time for us to play again," said Miller.

"And what did you say to your player?" asked Farrel.

"You know, we just told our players this is something that is unprecedented. I mean. I have been in this business for a long time, I've been apart of the Arena Football League folded. But, that was for different reasons, business reasons, not because of what is going on now; this is something that no one has ever been through its hard to explain its hard to really get an answer you have to say what it is the unfortunate situation that we are in. So, we just told the guys right now we are on hold we are encouraging guys to stay if they would like to stay to stay around, and stay active, stay in shape but at the same time guys have families they have children as well. So, some guys have the option to go home and that is what they can do like I said. We would like the guys to stay if we can. If they go home we totally understand that as well they just have to be on standby for a moments notice that when its time to go again; get them back here in town and be ready to roll, " said Miller.

Farrel asked, " Do you have anything to say to the fans?

Rod," I just tell our fans to stay encouraged you know if it was up to me I would love to play because I think right now there is a lot of chaos going on a lot of uncertainty I think at times like that you need something to do but you have to understand the health concerns as well so I just tell our fans to stay patient and I'll tell anybody even outside the sports world you know the world is not ending we just have to go through a tough time right now but if we stand strong and stand together we will be OK and we will bring football back to those who want football."

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