Britta Curl on playing at Wisconsin

 Photo courtesy: WKOW
Photo courtesy: WKOW (KFYR)
Published: Jan. 18, 2019 at 2:18 PM CST
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Bismarck’s Britta Curl has been at the University of Wisconsin in Madison for a few months now. She made a name for herself here in North Dakota and has already started to do the same in the Division I level.

She’s had 12 goals with five assists this season with the badgers, which isn’t bad for a first year player, but she did have to go through that transition of being the best here, to just a rookie out there.

"You know the pace is a lot higher,” Curl said. “I had to kind of change my role from being one of the best players in the state of North Dakota, to coming here and having to take on a new role, and kind of being one of the younger players. So that was a change for me."

Curl says while it’s a lot different than playing here in Bismarck, if there’s anything that has changed, it’s the pressure she has on the ice to succeed.

"I would say it was a good pressure, especially playing on a team that was strong in North Dakota for the Blizzard, but it just kind of prepared me for the pressure here, and my family and my friends and my teammates are always supportive, so I never felt like I had to be anything. I would say every game that we play at home, and the stands are filled here at LaBahn, it's a pretty surreal experience, and I just kind of take a deep breath and like, this is pretty cool."

As Curl continues the second half of her first season with Wisconsin, she says she’s excited to continue on the ice.

Video and quotes courtesy: WKOW