Britta Curl at home instead of World Hockey Championships

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BISMARCK, N.D. - What a difference a coronavirus makes.

The pandemic has changed everyone's life in some way and for Bismarck's Britta Curl, instead of being home right now, she would be representing the United States at the Women's World Hockey Championships in Nova Scotia.

Curl tells us what the selection process is like to make Team USA.

"It's kind of a year-long process where you go to summer camps and training camps throughout the summer and into the fall. And then I was selected to play in the rivalry series for three games and that was kind of my showing where I made a pretty big impact. So they kind of select teams based on how you do in those camps and games, so they just called me up and tell you that you've made the world team. So it's pretty cool," Curl said.

Curl helped the United States win the gold medal at the Under-18 World Hockey Championships in Russia a few years ago. The women's world tournament is the next step in her development.

"Just from the very beginning of my process throughout Team USA I've had a goal of being on the senior team and making the Olympics hopefully one day. So I've just kind of tried to take it step by step making the U-18 team and then getting invited to camps and once you make something like this it's kind of a really big relief and it lets you know you're doing the right things," Curl said.

Curl is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, one of the best programs in the country. This season, Curl scored 16 goals and had 25 points, but she tends to hit the net when the Badgers need it the most.

Curl was 2nd on the team in game winning goals and power play goals. Wisconsin was set to play Clarkson in the NCAA quarterfinals when the season ended.

"Everyone kind of knew what was going on, but we weren't complete sure, but there was a lot of talk going on. We got called into the locker room and our coach sat us down and he tried to break it to us as easy as he could, but there was a lot of tears. We just hung out for the rest of that afternoon and evening trying to figure out that that meant because for the seniors, it was the last time they were probably going to be together with all of us, so it was tough," Curl said.

In high school, Curl led the Bismarck Blizzard to four straight championships, but she says playing multiple sports while growing up and at St.Mary's really helped her development.

"The biggest thing is I was encouraged to do a bunch of different things. I tried different sports like tennis, golf, I did soccer and track in high school, just that foundation I have with different sports and different types of athletes helps me now with my overall athletic ability. I just kind of found out that I love to do," Curl said.