Bowl is empty on what would be day one of State Track Meet

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The State Track Meet is the largest sporting event in North Dakota in terms of number of athletes competing. The exception is this year, because that number is zero.

"Right now there would be tents starting to go up back here on the hill and that environment of the State Meet would start to take place and start to generate and the adrenaline would start to flow," said Bismarck High School girl's head track coach Tim Kolsrud.

The State Track Meet brings people from all over the Peace Garden State to Bismarck, and when it was canceled, it not only devastated the athletes but also the coaches.

"Ya, it has been difficult. It is usually one of my favorite weeks of practice because we can look back and see what our training has done for us and we can kinda wind down. We have our best athletes out on the track so not being out on the track is kind of an emotional time for me. So, trying to focus on other things it has been hard," said Legacy Girl's Head Track Coach Brittni Fettig.

The cancellation brought those coaches, who are usually at their busiest this time of year, time to spend on other things.

"Down time is strange. You know, I have taken a part time job. I have gone golfing with my son. I play a lot of horse and pig in the driveway. So, I do those kind of things, but really anytime I get a chance to sit down, I am thinking about those kids. I would like to be spending time with, as well those track kids have a special type of work ethic that they like to get after things. So, the thought process is about what those kids are doing and the opportunities lost there," said Mandan Boy's Head Track Coach Todd Sheldon.

While no records will be broken this weekend this will still be a memorable State Track Meet weekend as the MDU Resources Community Bowl sits and waits for 2021.