Boston Marathon in Lincoln

LINCOLN, N.D. - Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a goal for runners all over the World, including Lincoln's Theresa Addison. But for the first time since 1918 the Race wouldn't be held on Patriots Day, but that didn't stop Addison from running a marathon.

"I have qualified the past three years for the Boston Marathon but missed the cut off but this year I made. So instead of being sad today, I thought well I will hit the town and run every street in Lincoln some of which multiple times and I just thought this was a good way to commemorate the day than be sad about it so," said Addison.

So, Addison was off and running stopping along the way for a couple of selfies showing off Lincoln.

"I thought, 'well ,if I am going to be running all these streets,' I thought I would stop at all the business' and landmarks in town," said Addison
People in Boston tend to take the day off on Marathon Monday to line the streets to support the runners at the Lincoln Marathon Addison was also feeling the community support.

"There is quite a few people in town who would come out just to wave there was someone who had water for me. There was even a couple who made signs so that was pretty awesom,," said Addison.

Heartbreak hill sits at the 20 mile mark of Boston while there wasn't a hill there was a different type of challenge.

"Probably running past my house a couple of times because there is not 26 miles of streets in Lincoln so that was probably the hardest." Says Addison

And at the four hour eleven minute mark Addison cross the finish line on Marathon Monday just one thousand eight hundred and twelve miles away.

The new Boston Marathon date is September 14 and Addison says she plans to compete.