Blizzard Back on the Ice

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The Bismarck Blizzard begin defense of their state girls hockey title Saturday. They’ve won three straight championships. Saturday is their first game of the season against Fargo Davies, and the girls are ready to get on the ice, and out of practice.

"I really think that they're going to be hungry to play against somebody else. You know I think that's just one of those things that you're always looking forward to your first game, and when you have 20 practices in before you play, you know, it does get hard, and so I think they're just really excited to go out there and play a real game," said Blizzard Head coach Tim Meyer.

Senior Amanda Baerlocher says that they will, "Probably just to come out flying, and maybe try and score a goal quick, get some momentum going on our side, and just kind of stun them."

The Blizzard will be on the road for a pair of games before a five game home stretch beginning Dec. 8.