Bittersweet Super Bowl for Carson Wentz

BISMARCK, N.D. - He's the one person associated with the Super Bowl that football fans in North Dakota want to hear from, even through there's no chance he'll get to play in Sunday's big game.

Carson Wentz is not obligated to talk during media day because he's on injured reserve. But, he did and I think he did because the Super Bowl is being played so close to his home state and his hometown fans.

"The second I knew we weren't making the playoffs last year I kind of had my sights set on this one and it's right down the road from home and it makes sense I'm going to be there. I didn't think I'd be here quite in this capacity but here we are as a team so like I said a little bitter-sweet," said Wentz.

Carson was on his way to being the Most Valuable Player in the NFL until he tore two ligaments in his left knee in December against the Rams.

It's the first time he's missed games since his broken wrist at North Dakota State University.

"I still feel involved for sure. I definitely feel involved. I'm doing everything, going to the meetings and doing everything I can with the team obviously still taking care on my rehab and doing all of my workouts and everything as well, so it's just a different feeling for sure," said Wentz.

Valley news live reporter Beth Hoole asked, "Do you feel like your injury your senior year of college helped you, unfortunately, to be able to get through things a little bit better.?" as

Wentz said: "I guess you could say that. I guess you could say just knowing how to handle these situations but I think more than anything just my faith. My faith has helped me get through this and just knowing that there is a bigger plan even though I don't understand it and it might make me angry sometimes, but there's a bigger plan. And, I know it's just going to make me stronger, and it's going to be used somehow, some way."

The Eagles destroyed the Vikings in the N.F.C. championship game and Wentz knows his team has everything it takes to beat New England on Sunday.

"The team has been rolling and it's been so cool to see everybody step up and keep elevating their play week in and week out and to get this far despite all the injuries we've had not just myself but the rest of the team and all the guys that we've had, three of the five captain's are on I.R. and here we are in the Super Bowl still so it's a pretty special team," said Wentz.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Beth Hoole of our sports team. She was there for Carson's conversation.