Bison vs. Panthers preview

FARGO, N.D. - It is a good thing that the home football field that the Bison play on is under a roof because we are certainly going to need it this week.

The number one ranked North Dakota State Bison it is homecoming for the Bison playing host to the Panthers. These two teams have had really good battles, especially in this building over the years. I remember Carson Wentz throwing a pass to Darius Sheppard in the corner of the endzone a couple of years back that was a good one, and speaking of good, how about the way the Bison offense has been playing lately?

At Illinois State, the Bison just rolled through one of the better defensive teams in the Valley and defense is something the UNI is hanging it's hat on as well.

The Panthers are ranked number 10, and if I had to pick a potions group I thought was the best, I would say it is the defensive line. So, you get that good Bison offensive line verses a pretty solid Panther defensive line that should be fun to watch.

Now speaking of watching, The Farmers Union Insurance Bison Football Pregame Show, that starts around noon. Again it's a little earlier because it's homecoming week; kick off a little bit after 1:00 p.m on the KFYR/KVLY Bison Television Network.

So, if you are trying to get to Fargo just be weather aware and if you can't get there pick an NBC station across the state and you should be able to watch Bison football Saturday.