Bison players react following loss to Duke

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COLUMBIA, S.D. (Valley News Live) - We all knew North Dakota State was a big-time under dog for their match up against the top seeded Duke Blue Devils Friday night.

Valley News Live's Beth Hoole has been keeping us updated all week long and she has a lot of post game reaction from Colombia, S.C.

"Giving the circumstances of the game on CBS national television, I mean, all the fans in there, we just came out really excited to play and I think that showed that was just something I think we lacked in the second half," said Sam Griesel, Bison forward.

"You go into the David and Goliath coming in with that mindset it's 'eat or be eaten.' You have to come out with your best 40 not 20-40 and, you know, we got them in the fourth half we were down four and we were playing some of our best basketball complete 20 minutes and somehow they just got going in that second half and it was hard to come back from that," said Tyson Ward, Bison guard.

"I'm very proud of my team, my coaching staff. We did a very good job, obviously, in half time going into the half only down four against the number one team in the country is really amazing. I mean we go back a couple months ago against Gonzaga, we were down 20 or 30 but it shows that we've grown a lot. It's a big thing to carry over in this off season and to keep guys on their toes a little bit to go out there and play and get some wins on this level, and I think a lot of guys will want to be back, and I think its a really good feeling to have," said Vinnie Shahid, Bison guard.