Bison players prep for FCS championship

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The North Dakota State football team takes off for Frisco, Texas on Wednesday and so does a number of members of the KFYR-KVLY Bison Television Network.

We have a couple of big events to bring you this week as well as reports on the 6-&-10.There is no shortage of incentive for the NDSU players this week.

James Madison was the team that beat the Bison last year in the semi-finals... ending their national championship streak at five straight.

"It's been a wonderful year. I've wanted to play these guys ever since we lost to them. It's kind of what I was hoping for so I'm extremely happy that we're playing these guys and it's all I've been thinking about for a year is getting the chance to play against them so I'm really excited," said Nate Tanguay, NDSU defensive tackle.

NDSU running back Bruce Anderson said: "We're a lot more focused on JMU especially this time around I'm a junior now. Being a freshman is you're just following the older guys, you're just sitting there and trying to soak up as much stuff that they do and when it's your time around you get to lead by example and bring the young guys around and show them how it's done."

The unquestioned leader of the Dukes offense is veteran quarterback Brian Schor.

The Bison know they have to find a way to contain him to win the title on Saturday.

"He's going to make a play that matters. He's going to find a way to get it done. Obviously Brian Schor loves to scramble all over the place and find that open guy and he's going to do what it takes to put his team on top. They don't put up a ton of points but he gets the job done for them when he needs to and I think that's what Easton does for us. he's just a winner," said Robbie Grimsley, NDSU strong safety,

RJ Urzendowski, NDSU Wide Receiver, "I really like our pan. The coaches have done a great job with our plan the past few weeks and we still have time to tweak things and get better in some things but I really enjoy the plan. I like what we're doing and I'm excited."

I like the plan we have for you as well. The big thing is the 90-minute Farmers Mutual Insurance Bison Football Pre-Game Show show on Saturday.

It begins at 9:30 a.m. CST and it will include a large group of former players, along with the usually segments you've come to expect all season long.

Then on Friday Night, we'll have another 90-minute program for you. It's called The Proceed Pep-Fest.

We're on the air at 7:00 p.m. CST with the Pep-Fest starting at the bottom of the hour, so we'll have it covered for you from Frisco once again this year.