Bison players on game versus Leathernecks

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FARGO, N.D. - North Dakota State University has never lost a game in Macomb, Ill., but three of those five wins have been one-possession games. In both of their conference victories, the Bison have had to overcome a quick start by their opponent. NDSU is changing its approach against the Leathernecks.

"Really just coming out with some juice and some energy. Lately, we've been coming back and trying to feel the offense out, like are they going to come out fast with this play we practiced ten times? So there was a lot of sitting back and waiting to see what's going to happen instead of just attacking it. That's one of our focuses this week instead of waiting back in the shadows, just really coming out and trying to be the first to punch them in the face and stop them on a thirrd and out right away," said Aaron Steidl, NDSU defensive lineman.

The Bison offense rolled up 56 points, and they punished Northern Iowa on the ground. It’s a performance they’d like to repeat on Saturday.

"Coach Klieman kind of talked about because we know every week the philosophy we has we we're going to get everybody's best shot because we're ranked number one. But now this week, we kind of flip the script and we're just going to give everybody our best shot, so we're going to see how that works. Hopefully it will work a lot better and give us a little fire in the belly instead of like Steidl said, waiting to see what they're going to do and attacking after that. We've had a few slow starts but I feel like this week we'll get a fast one," said Dillon Radunz, offensive lineman.

It’s a Saturday night game, so we are live and statewide on the KFYR-KVLY Bison Television Network at 5:00 CT, with the pre-game show. Kick-off will be at 6:00 CT.