Bison fall camp begins

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FARGO, N.D. - It starts today for the North Dakota State football team, and the Bison hope it does not end until January 5 in Frisco, TX.

NDSU has a very talented team, and is no. 1 in the national FCS pre-season poll. Alex Egan tells us that the Bison will rely on a solid group of seniors to lead the way:

"Much like in years past, the title defense is not on the minds of the Bison as they open fall camp, but Chris Klieman saying that the message to his players on day one, well it's different for everybody," said Egan, NBC North Dakota Sports.

"The main thing is to learn how to practice for the younger guys. For the older guys, teach those young guys how to practice and compete and finish. Compete in every rep you get. We have great competition out here with the amount of kids we have returning and then finish every drill. Learning how to practice the Bison way for those young kids is the biggest challenges these first couple of days," said Chris Kleiman, head coach.

"For seniors like Robbie Grimsley and Bruce Anderson, it's finally setting in that this is their last fall camp," Egan said.

"When you're a freshman, you're just happy to be here. Just looking at some of the things by senior year, you take it day by day and you just look at it like you don’t have many days, practices, games left, so you're just more grateful for the game,” said Bruce Anderson, NDSU running back.

"It feels like a month ago I was out here for the first time. It's been fun these last 3 or 4 years but I'm ready to get after this senior year. It's our mentality every day to guy get after it. Obviously you want to accomplish as much as you can in your last year so we'll see what happens," said Robbie Grimsley, NDSU safety.

"Those two part of a senior class that includes 23 members of this Bison football team hoping that today is the start of a long season," Egan said.

We will televise 10 of the 11 Bison regular season games this year beginning with Cal-Poly on September 1.