Bison Football DIY Home Gym

A couple of weeks ago, the NCAA canceled all spring activities including Spring football leaving many athletes to wonder where could they continue to stay in shape.

I went to Dickinson to see how a trio of Bison Football players from Dickinson Trinity took matters into their own hands.

The Bison are coming off their 8th national title in nine seasons. A lot of work comes during the off season in the weight room and during spring football but this year is different.

"We first saw things we were like oh nothing is going to happen to us and as more and more schools around us started to shut down during Spring break and stuff we thought oh this might happen to us to," said NDSU senior offensive lineman Zach Kubas.

As North Dakota State University sent its students home, it meant Kaden Kuntz along with Jake and Zach Kubas were heading home to Dickinson.

"Right away I just came back and I brought stuff for three weeks but we got the e-mail when we got home for Spring break that face to face was canceled so just this past weekend I had to go up to the dorms and get my stuff so I could move out," said NDSU Red-Shirt freshman Kaden Kuntz.

That left the trio asking where are they going to work out? Enter this machine shop on the Kubas family farm just outside of Dickinson usually filled with noise from tractors now is filled with this.

"We knew we had the materials we had some wood and some concrete so we decided to make our own thing and we just went and bought the weights and it turned out kind of nice," said Zach Kubas.

"We decided we needed more than just a bar and free weights so Kaden's dad looked up how to build a squat rack on YouTube and we just went with it and built it and set it up and we have just been expanding on it since," addeds NDSU sophomore Jake Kubas.

The DIY Bison now have themselves a gym and are continuing to build on.

"Ya we just added a lat pull down area yesterday so I don't know we will see where it goes from here on," said Jake Kubas.

Even though these Bison are apart from teammates they are still pushing each other as a team.

"Even though we aren't with each other we are just trying to push each other with calls and texts. {Asking} Hey what are you doing today to get better? We just want to keep pushing each other to get better so when we get back to Fargo we can hit the ground running when we get back to playing football," said Jake Kubas.

And when the Bison do get back to Fargo they hope that the work here in the Machine Shed Gym will lead to more cannons and another celebration in January.

Zach, Jake and Kaden are hoping to get back to Fargo sometime in May to continue to get ready for the season opener on September 5th in Eugene, Oregon against the University of Oregon.