Bismarck teen runs North Carolina Tar Heels fan page

BISMARCK, N.D. - If you’re a college basketball fan, you’d probably agree that this is the best time of the year. March Madness officially begins Tuesday with the first two play-in games.

Sixty-eight teams will play 67 games in just 19 days. It all wraps up on April 8 with the national championship game.

If you’ve got questions about the tournament, there’s a Bismarck teen who probably knows the answer.

Sixteen-year-old Logan Schaubert loves basketball.

And he loves the Tar Heels.

"I love North Carolina. My favorite team," said Logan.

This is Logan’s favorite time of the year, and he’s got high hopes for his beloved Tar Heels.

"They are one of the best teams in the country and they have been playing well lately. We have a tough region so it will be hard to make it out, but we have the guys to do it," said Logan.

Logan might be North Carolina’s biggest fan. He’s also the fan behind the Instagram page, Heels Report.

Logan said, "I started on November 26, 2017."

He’s now got more than 33-hundred followers from all over the world.

"In this past month it’s really taken off. I’ve gained over 1,200 followers," said Logan.

Logan spends as many as six hours each week researching the Tar Heels and creating and sharing content.

"I’m getting content out there, bringing info out there like a news source. People have commented that how fast I get my info out," said Logan.

It is a passion for Logan. As his page has grown, he’s been able to do live interviews with former UNC stars and new recruits. It’s become a business of sorts Logan has been asked to run promotions for several companies.

Logan said: "I’ve gotten a free iPhone case, t-shirts. It’s pretty cool to get free stuff just for doing the page. I think it’s the best platform to grow on. I like the design thing so that’s why I chose Instagram."

Logan hopes his work on this page will help prepare him for a future in sports broadcasting. His dream job – sideline reporter for the Tar Heels.

Logan creates all his content on his phone. He says that allows him to post content quickly because he doesn’t have to wait until he gets to a computer. He uses several different free design apps to create his posts.

You can follow him on Instagram at “heelsreport.”