Bismarck Northwoods Baseball League taking suggestions for team names

Bismarck is getting a Northwoods League next summer.

The nickname for that franchise is being decided right now, and you can be a part of it.

The “Name the Team” contest is up and running and John Bollinger, general manager of the Bismarck team, explains how it works.

“It’s and with that we have announced our Name Your Team Contest so fans actually get to submit their team name suggestion,” says Bollinger.

"We’ve already had a few hundred submitted in the first week, and on June 28, after three weeks, we’re going to get all of the crazy names together and pick the ones we’ve seen the most or the top five, if you will, and then we’ll have the final five vote," adds Bollinger.

Bollinger says this is the first - and very important - step in getting the Northwoods League identified with Bismarck.

“The team name is everything. It’s our identity and our brand and we could think of something fun and creative and we have our favorites, but it’s the community’s team, so looking at some of the suggestions like the Churchills. Some of the old teams we wouldn’t have thought about, and it’s fun to get the town's input because it’s their team, their town and they’re going to be the ones rooting for them next summer," says Bollinger.

The winner of the Name the Team Contest will win a package of prizes, including season tickets for life.