Bismarck Mystics face North Dakota State College of Science

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck State Mystics are on a 13 game win streak, and 13 is also the spot the Mystics are in this week's National Junior College Poll.

They've lost only one game this season, and tonight they face one of their tougher opponents, North Dakota State College of Science.

The Wildcats have the same record as the Mystics, and this match-up has developed into a strong rivalry.

"Wahpeton, we always have great matches with them, year in and year out, they're always at the top of the conference, and we have found that we've built a really nice rivalry with them. They are 6-0 in the conference, we are 7-0 in the conference, and so, they have two really nice outside hitters, their middle hitters are strong as well and they have an athletic girl in the back row, so, kind of like looking in a mirror, and it will be a slug fest," said Mystics Volleyball Head Coach Jeni Walsh.

The Mystics and the Wildcats get started at the top of the hour at the Armory.