Bismarck Larks Baseball

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Larks are back in Duluth tonight before heading back to Bismarck.

The Larks built a 5-to-2 lead last night but they could not hold on and the Huskies won 9-to-5.

Before they left for Northern Minnesota, we asked the Manager about dealing with the road.

"The good news is we've pretty much hammered out the two longest road trips of the year which all the rest of these are going to get really short between two and four days. We can handle those. We can handle those eight day too. It's standard protocol, you talk to any pro team and they cancel early work too just like us after a long road trip. Some people cancel batting practice after a long road trip. We're going to take BP every day that's something we do," said Sean Repay.

Last nights game was the start of the second half.

The Larks went 16-&-19 in the first half of the season.Thunder Bay is part of the next homestand and we will be televising Saturday's game against Thunder Bay.

Live coverage on NBC North Dakota Sports begins at 6:00pm central time on July-8th. The game will be telecast on KFYR-TV, KQCD-TV, KUMV-TV and KMOT-TV.