Bismarck High School football team prepares for upcoming season

Published: Aug. 22, 2016 at 2:13 PM CDT
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Nine-man football got started last week and all three 11-man football classes will join the high school football party this week.

Football season is here, and the Demons are ready to tackle another season. Though it hasn't been easy getting kids on the team like it used to, the Demons have learned to adjust.

"You know one big concern off the get-go for us is our numbers. With the new school being built (Legacy High), and we kind of knew this was going to happen,” said Bismarck High School’s Head Coach, Mark Gibson. “You know our numbers have taken a drastic hit. We've got to get a lot more creative in what we do. The bottom line is I like how our kids have responded so far, you know we've got a long hill to climb, but, you know our goals remain the same as they always have, and I think our kids have a good off-season to work for that, and that's all you can ask for."

And with a new season comes a new roster. Bismarck High has to work with a new offensive line after losing a number of seniors.

"A lot of starters, our whole offensive line graduated, so we're bringing back a lot of fresh guys in there and hoping they can step up," said senior wide receiver Jack Sullivan.

"We graduated our whole offensive line so we need to get new guys there, we lost our two middle linebackers, we we've got to replace them too, and a couple positions, too," said Bradyn Just, senior free safety.

With the loss of some players bring the opportunity for the returners to shine.

"I think, you know, your seniors. That's the big thing that every year you're going to have kids that played before, and certainly on the offense side of the ball, you know we're looking at Lucas Butts going to take over at Running Back duties, and you know Jack Sullivan is returning Wide Out for us, so, those too kids on the offense side of the ball,” said Gibson. “On the defense side of the ball we got a lot more returners, so, you look at Bradyn Just is our Free Safety and is like a Quarterback on defense, and we've got Sanford who played some for us last year and Jochim and you know, Butts and Bergquist, they're both probably going to play different spots for us."

As the Demons start their season on Friday, a positive attitude is what helps the team succeed.

"Yeah we're just trying to keep high energy, you know, trying to keep practice like it would be in a game. You know, high energy, keep working hard and keep looking forward to the season," said Sullivan.

"The thing we're not used to or accustomed to and something that we're sure not going to turn away from a challenge. And you know, hopefully our kids are going to fight and try to fight for what we feel belongs to us. And, you know like I said we got a lot of work to do, but so far I've liked our work ethic,” said Gibson.

The Demons will open on Friday at Fargo Davies, as BHS starts WDA play at Dickinson in just a couple of weeks.