Bismarck Bucks fresh off bye week

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 1:28 PM CDT
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After starting the season 0-6, the Bismarck Bucks have won two of their last three games before last week’s bye week. The Bucks are back home to face the Tucson Sugar Skulls this Saturday.

The last time these two played was back in week two. There are only a handful of guys still on the Bucks active roster from that game.

"We played Tucson early in the year and we probably got five players that are on the roster from earlier when we played, so we turned over quite a bit of our roster. You never want to change a roster that much in the season. And normally guys in training camp you want them to stick around during the season,but unfortunately that group of guys didn't work for us so we had to make changes. We had to get the right group of guys in here and I think we got the right group of guys and here now and that's why we are starting to win more games," said Rayshaun Kizer, defensive coordinator.

Mike Tatum is one of the few guys still on the roster from the beginning of the year and he feels a new sense of camaraderie around the team.

"Guys like LaTrez (Mushatt) come in, I mean P-Dot (Paul Dodson Jr.), we got some consistency at quarterback now. Now we're not going to two headed quarterback, you know, we got a rotation in at receiver to where things are constant and quarterback timing and our offensive line has been consistent, I mean everything's been consistent, like we haven't been able to bring a lot guys since we had that change," said Tatum.

Kickoff for this Saturday's game between the Bucks and the Sugar Skulls is scheduled for 6:05 p.m. at the Events Center.

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