Bismarck Bucks Game Week

BISMARCK, N.D. - It's game week for Bucks. Rod Miller starts his second season as the head coach of Bismarck's indoor football team.

"The foundation was laid last year. We took our bumps and bruises, but now it the time to flourish. I feel very good about how things are going,." said Rod Miller, Bismarck Bucks head coach. "The players are committed to what we're trying to do and I think we have a good team in store coming this year. I learned patience last year. It's a building process sand I think the fans here are hungry. They want a winner. They what the team to succeed and they're backing us. We're just doing our part to make sure the fans get what they want to see."

The Bucks host San Diego on Sunday afternoon. Former Vikings running back Chuck Foreman is the special guest and he will be at the Bismarck Events Center on March 8, as well.