Big Sticks update

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DICKINSON, N.D. - The Badlands Big Sticks are getting ready for their third season of summer baseball in the Expedition League.

During the pandemic, the Big Sticks are rewarding fans for spending money at local businesses.

"One of the things that we are doing is to try to continue to support with all of our locally small owned businesses here in Dickinson and the surrounding areas. So what we are doing is if you keep your receipts from those businesses you can pile them up stack them however you want but we're offering for every $25 you spend you get a game ticket and for every $50 you get a game ticket and a t-shirt," said General Manager Jason Watson.

Former Big Sticks head Coach Hayden Pewitt accepted a job in the Pacific Northwest summer league. That's when Watson called Billy Tomblin from Mayville State.

"Billy was my first call, my only call, and so we are excited. He is very knowledgeable, does a lot of great things for Mayville State, and, you know, I think this will be an exciting time for him, you know, being the guy, the man which I know he is looking forward too. And another thing with him is he wants to get back on the field," Watson said.

So far, the Big Sticks have six players returning to Dickinson from last year's championship team. Mason Schwellenbach, Connor Van Cleave and Malik Barrington were Expedition League All-Stars last year. The other returners so far are Michael Reddick, Joel Torres and Nick Flesher.

The Big Sticks season opener is scheduled for May 26 at the Wheat City Whiskey Jacks. Their home opener is scheduled for May 29 against Pierre.