Big Sticks Ready for Season Two

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BISMARCK, N.D. - In the first year of the Expedition League, The Badlands Big Sticks made it all the way to the league title game. The Dickinson summer league team is preparing for season two and the Big Sticks are under new ownership, the new owner is Dave Ouellette.

Dave grew up in Dickinson and his general manger Jason Watson says having a local guy at the helm has helped all aspects of business.

"It’s been great you know our local owner is a guy from town here he's been here his whole life business owner and a baseball guy so it really was a good fit and you know with the connections he's made over the years business wise professionally friendships as far as out partnerships and advertisements stuff really has come along a lot easier this year and you know so far it’s been really good, really good for us", said Jason Watson, Big Stick General Manager.

One of the biggest challenges in their inaugural season was finding host families but this year, a lot of the Dickinson residents are opening their doors.

"This year we doubled our host families so we have fifteen right now it was a lot easier this year you know we had a great group of guys last year that really took care of the host families weren't problems for them were really took care of the host families had you know so it worked out really well and you know we are excited about our host families that come back this year and also the new ones,” said Watson.

The Big Sticks first home game is May 28 against the Hub City Hot Shots.