Beyond the Score: Cross country runner turned soccer player

MINOT, N.D. - Switching sports is common in young kids, but for a senior in high school to try a sport for the first time takes guts.

Playing soccer was never something Courage Amsbury thought he would take up.

"I kind of joked about it with our team captain, Cody. 'Should I play?' And he's like, 'yes'. So I'm like, 'really?' And yeah, that's how it started,” said Amsbury.

The former cross country runner gave up the sport he had dedicated himself to for the past seven seasons to try something new.

"I did the club and I was really terrible and at that point. I said there is no way I can do this. But Cody and the guys around me just told me to keep at it and stick though it. By the time the high school season came around, I felt alright, I felt like I had a shot,” said Amsbury.

Amsbury credits his friend Cody Burke for giving him the push to try soccer.

"I just saw a lot of potential athletic ability in him. So I told him to give it a try and the first few weeks, maybe even a month, he was getting the hang of it, but it was pretty rough. But then he started progressing exponentially so it turned out pretty good,” said Cody Burke, senior captain midfielder.

Amsbury not only made the Minot High School team, but he is also playing in all the games.

"He brings size, fairly small group, but he brings speed. That was important and we needed that. So far he's got a couple goals, he's put teams under duress,” said Creighton Bachmeier, Minot High Boys Soccer head coach.

He scored his first goal during the home opener against Bismarck High.

"I was on a breakaway. A good ball from Noah Schmidt and I just didn't even think, shot it and it went in. I didn't even realize what I did. Everyone was screaming and I just ran over to the student section they were all cheering me on and I felt like I had to do it for them. It was awesome,” sidAmsbury.

Amsbury says he made the right choice to trade cross country for soccer.

"I didn't think a sport could be this amazing. There is a lot of passion when you play soccer. It excessed my expectation,” said Amsbury.

Amsbury and his team now have a goal to win state this season.