Beyond the Score: Chase Conway

MINOT, N.D. - The Nodak Speedway has been a staple here in the Magic City for many years and one name has been a fixture at the track for decades.

If you know the Nodak Speedway, chances are you know the Conway name. Robby Conway, and now his son Chase, call Nodak home.

But on July 27, 2017 tragedy struck the racing world when Robby had a heart attack mid race. Almost a year later Chase is turning tragedy into triumph.

"My oh my somebody is smiling down from above tonight as Chase Conway puts it in the bag, he wins it!"

That was Chase winning it all in just his second race back after losing his father. Now, Chase says he's following in his father's racing footsteps.

"He raced when we were young and before I was born, but we watched from the stands every Sunday. I knew it would evolve later into racing, and here's where we are today,” said Chase.

A year ago you would have seen Chase racing number eight and his dad boasting the black and yellow number two. Though since returning the track, Chase is honoring his father's winning legacy by driving a replica of his old car.

Nodak Speedway Announcer Nick Hulberg says that Robby was as good of a racer and as humble as they come.

"Up until last year he was in victory lane, he as a for sure bet. One of three or four guys in that sport Mod Class to win every single night,” said Hulberg.

On that Sunday night in May, there was something special in the air for Chase.

“When Chase was leading with about three left, I looked over at Larry McFall and was just like, 'I don't know, hang on tight, this is going to get really good here.' But I don't know, I felt it coming,” said Hulberg.

"Yeah we had a little help. You know he's not here with us but he is watching over and he is pretty proud I think,” said Chase.

Chase won that night with his dad smiling from above. Now at 20 years old, Chase is taking the racing world by storm.

"I never came to the race track before without him. The first few times it was definitely a weird feeling. It was almost a little bit of an empty feeling, but we are getting back there where it is becoming normal, and we are having fun, and I know that is what he would want us to be doing,” said Chase.

Honoring his father, while creating a new legacy for the Conway name.

Since Robby's passing, Chase and his uncle have created the Quick Rescue roof for race cars.

The roof slides back and is designed to help emergency services get drivers, like Robby, out of their race car when the drive is unable.

Chase says that he hopes this can make the races safer and save drivers lives.