Beyond the Score: Blake Ebo's comeback to baseball

MINOT, N.D. - Imagine in the span of just a few months you go from being drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays to breaking your leg, and nearly having your baseball career ripped out from under you.

That is what current Sabre Dogs player Blake Ebo endured.

When playing baseball, you can quickly go from the highest high to the lowest low. But when real life interferes, it's not just a game.

"After my freshman year of playing, I fouled off a ball off my leg and the doctor misdiagnosed me. They said that it was a bone bruise. So after the 10 days they told me to sit and wait, I got a hit into center field and I was running and I just kind of fell. I was wondering why I fell and I realized my leg was broken. It was kind of like I could feel my bones not intact,” said Ebo.

Ebo began playing at just six years old. Thanks to his next door neighbor, the backyard games they played turned into something much bigger.

"I got drafted in the 28th round by the Blue Jays. It was like one of the best calls I have ever received. It was something that changed my life for sure,” said Ebo.

Ebo declined the offer to play professional baseball, deciding to earn his college degree first.

He says breaking his leg in his first collegiate season was one of the hardest years of his life.

"When you aren't able to do something that you've been doing since I was like six or seven, its been hard to go a whole year without it. To be on the field now is surreal. It's pretty awesome to be back on the field again so it's like the best thing ever and I'll never take it for granted,” said Ebo.

Ebo joined the Sabre Dogs this season as one of the final steps of his rehab. Assistant Coach Trey Chambers says he's a huge asset to the team.

"A lot of resilience. I mean for him to go through that, a miss diagnosis, and to go through that tragic incident and to come back and that attitude and mindset that he has it says a lot about him as a player,” said Chambers.

Returning to the game he loves one pitch at a time.

Surgeons placed a rod in Blake's leg to fix the break. He will finish out the summer with the Sabre Dogs and head to South Georgia State for school.

Blake's ultimate goal is to get drafted again.