Beulah Boys Basketball riding a hot streak

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BEULAH, N.D. - The Beulah boys basketball roster is dominated by seniors, which is why the Miners were considered one of the top teams in the state in the pre-season.

They split their first six games which was a bit of a surprise but Beulah's Head Coach knows it's not how you start the season but how you end it that will ultimately make the difference.

"That's why we schedule those teams and we're going to maybe take a loss or two at the beginning of the season when we play that type of competition but it's good for us in the long run. I think mentally we've gotten a little bit tougher because of that, and we had to adjust because we lost a starter to an ACL so we've have to adjust to that," said Beulah Head Coach Jeremy Brandt.

Beulah senior Jacob Weigel said: "We still need to improve more on rebounding. We still need to improve on some careless turnovers, but I think we've grown as a team since then. And, I guess right away we had a bumpy start, but we've straightened it out now."

Beulah has straightened it out to the tune of a seven game winning streak.

The Miners go for number eight straight when they play Watford City in Beulah on Friday Night.