Battle for the Big Lake Trophy

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The University of Mary against Minot State football contest is a trophy game. The winner earns bragging rights along with a traveling trophy to keep for the year.

The Marauders and Beavers will compete in the Battle for the Big Lake this weekend.

U-Mary is 0-2 but the program is progressing. Defensive Lineman

Jackson Grad calls it, "creating a brotherly unity."

"We want to go out there and we don't want to leave anything behind because the guy next to us is somebody that we really care about that we are not going to let down. We talk about family. Coach Holinka says we talk about family, are we going to prove that? We say family on three and we break it down and are you going to prove that by laying it all out there? That's up to you. It's only something me as a player and my teammate can decide within them self," said Jackson Grad, U-Mary defensive lineman.

Minot State won the battle for the Big Lake last year and Saturday's game is in Minot.