Badlands Bowl is this week

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BISMARCK, N.D. - North Dakota faces Montana in the Badlands Bowl All-Star football game this weekend.

Thirty-four of the best graduated seniors are in Dickinson practicing this week to get ready for Saturday's showdown.

"It's nice to play high school football one more time even though it's not with your teammates back in high school. It's still a bunch of high schoolers getting together and playing football," said Reece Hoherz, Beulah Miners.

"It's pretty exciting. I never thought I'd put on the helmet again with a big K on the side. It's pretty exciting. We have a good bunch of guys with a lot of athletic ability and they definitely make you work for it," said Dillan Jepson, Killdeer Cowboys

Luke Little, Century Patriots, said: "It's awesome! After not having the pads on for a few months getting a chance to come out here for a week and practice with all of these really talented guys and playing in a big game like that it's really exciting."

It's also exciting for the head coach. His final game on the sidelines will be the Badlands Bowl and a number of his former players are his assistants this week.

"One of the best Christmas presents I got is when Coach Tuchscherer called me and said would you come down and be the head coach with the idea of these guys coaching with us. it's something I've really looked forward to. I guess I have to be brutally honest I'm not looking forward to next fall. I've been involved playing or coaching football for over 40 years and Friday night's in September might be really, really hard this first time but this is something I'm really looking forward to," said
Scott Grochow, Team ND head coach from Rugby,

Team North Dakota is hoping the work this week pays off on Saturday. The Badlands Bowl is in Miles City this year. Montana won this All-Star series last summer.