Back to Work for Wentz

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Carson Wentz was in Bismarck for a friend's wedding over the weekend and Monday he was meeting the media in Philadelphia for the Eagles off-season workout program.

Wentz says he is still rehabbing from the back injury he had last year and he dealt with a knee the year before.

Wentz was asked about his durability.

"I get it. I'm looking forward to putting those behind me. I understand that's part of this league. It's a physical league and things happen, but some of those things are out of my control and I look forward to putting that behind me," said Wentz.

He was also asked about his long-term status with the Eagles.

"Having that it's exciting just the idea of being here long term. I love it here. I love this city and I love the fans here but the specifics of all of that I'm not going to dive into that my agent will handle all of that fun stuff but just the idea of it is exciting without a doubt," said Wentz.

Wentz was picked second overall in the 2016 NFL draft.

The guy who replaced him at NDSU is going through the process now, and Wentz was asked about Easton Stick today and if he was lobbying for the Eagles to get him.

"He's talented, and he's one of my good friends and I love the kid to death and really talented playmaker," said Wentz. "He's a winner and he's really athletic and makes plays. I will leave that to those guys upstairs. I think he's a good enough player and someone is going to like him and take him and we'll see what happens."

The OTAs start May 21.

It stands for Organized Team Activities, technically OTA's are voluntary but every player under contract is expected to be there.

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