33rd Annual Bowling Classic

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BISMARCK, N.D. - For 33 consecutive years, some of the best names in bowling meet up in Mandan for one weekend. The KFYR-TV Budweiser Classic is this Saturday and Sunday at Midway Lanes.

Cropped Photo: Battle Creek CVB / CC BY 2.0

Jim Mellon with Midway Lanes talks about how this isn’t just any bowling tournament, and there’s a reason why it’s lasted as long as it has. "It's so simple. It's run professionally, the guys are the pinnacle what they're looking to do at the end of the year is to come out and show how good they really are. it's a, done do well, and we make the rules so fine and true to themselves, that they have to be, who they are. They can't come and sluff this one out. It's who you are, you work years to get here, you've got the average, you've got the equipment, you've got the knowledge, and they want to show the world how good they are."

With over 100 competitors playing on day one, everybody wants to win for bragging rights. "Oh my goodness, they come from the five state area, and they want to go home and say, look at me. Or, I qualified or I should have done this, I should have done that. But it's not just the bowling, it's camaraderie of all the guys getting together for Saturday night, wishing each other good luck and all that. It's amazing, there's a lot of good sportsmanship out there. They're still trying to beat him, but if they lose, you'll see the congratulations. It's a lot like hockey, they want to beat each other up, when it's all over, a friendly handshake and they walk off the court."

You can watch Sunday's action between the final five bowlers right here on NBC North Dakota Sports. We'll be live at 12:00 CT until 1:30 CT when we find out this year's bowling classic champion.