The 32nd Annual KFYR-TV Bowling Classic

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MANDAN, N.D. - The 32nd annual KFYR-TV Budweiser Bowling Classic starts tomorrow at Midway Lanes with 120 competitors. By the time we get to the television part of the weekend, we’ll be down to the final five.

Mike Green was the last person standing in 2017, and he’ll be back to defend his championship.

Jim Mellon with Midway Lanes describes it as, "That was fantastic. He's from Minot. He was super. A gentleman all of the time. I've known Mike for 25 years since he's been bowling and he's an absolute gentleman when he comes in. He has sportsmanship. He had the game. He has the attitude. He knows how to adjust and he's coming back so who knows he might be a repeater, but he's good."

Mellon says having the ability to adjust is a major reason why the best bowlers end up in the stepladder finals.

"Jack puts it out just a hair more difficult, the oil patter and so they have to adjust to what's going down and it gets more like the pro end of things like the guys shoot on the pro circuit. It's a little tougher condition and instead of having an area six to eight inches wide to throw those big spinners in. He tightens it down to two to six inches and so if they're that good all day long they're going to make it," said Mellon.

The final five will be on our four NBC stations in western North Dakota beginning at 12:00 p.m. CT on Sunday. We will be live from Midway Lanes in Mandan.