138th Mandan Rodeo Days

MANDAN, N.D. - The 138th Mandan Rodeo Days kicks off Saturday night with the X-treme Bull Riding. It draws contestants from all across the United States to compete in this annual holiday event.

There are a few locals that are lucky enough to stay in their hometown this weekend, like Barrel Racer, Kennedi Kautzman.

"This rodeo is quite, not like anything else. The crowd is absolutely amazing, and the energy that we get here. The last two years I competed in the slack portion of the competition, and this is my first year actually being in the rodeo the night of the second, so I'm really excited to get to experience that first hand."

With a number of events to compete in every year, there’s a chance that you’ll see familiar faces. For Kautzman, "We get competitors from all over, the top in the world get to come here and compete for a little bit of the prize money, and it's just exciting to see that those, you know faces I look up to, and faces that I would love to, you know, be competitive against someday competing here in Mandan."

As the Mandan Rodeo draws in big crowds every year, it’s the energy from the fans that help make the experience exciting for the competitors.

"Oh it definitely pumps you up. My horses definitely feel that too. I always feel that we rise to the occasion a little bit more when you're asked to in front of a big crowd of people, just like any sport, that definitely draws out the competitive nature out of you."

Day one of Mandan Rodeo Days begins on Saturday and runs through the 4th of July.