10-time Knoxville Nationals Champion

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Steve Kinser is the "King of the Outlaws" and he won 12-Knoxville National titles before retiring from racing.

Donny Schatz now has ten Knoxville National titles and he just turned 40-years old.

The sprint car driver from North Dakota edged out NASCAR's Kyle Larson to take the title on Saturday night at the track in Iowa.

"When you do this 95 nights a year and it's your passion you don't get caught up in the emotions and stats along the way you just enjoy it while you can and there's a lot of people that are not as fortunate to do that so you appreciated everything you have," said Schatz.

Schatz says running the entire World of Outlaws tour makes it hard to face the likes of Larson, at times.

"People don't realize it's probably easier for someone like him to come and do that than it is to stay out here every day and compete for a championship because you don't get to go home and reload your trailer after every race and take a couple weeks off. It's race to race to race so when you get the beat down going on and you're not doing well you don't get to go hit the reset button like those guys that come and hit & miss here and there and go and come as they please. It's hotel to hotel and work through the problems with your team try to build and try to progress," said Schatz.

Schatz has been driving on the World of Outlaws for 21-years, and he's an eight-time series points champion.

Schatz said: "They've flown by. It seems like the more you get along the more fun you have the quicker it goes. I know I've been around awhile but it's probably aged me a little more that what I actually am but it's been a lot of fun but it has gone really quick."

Donny and the Outlaws return to North Dakota for a three races this week. They run in Grand Forks on Friday, West Fargo on Saturday and on Sunday they'll be at NoDak Speedway in Minot.